You deserve Happiness

I don’t know who you are, where you’re from or how you look. But i do know one thing about you. You’re human. You eat, you sleep, and one day you’ll die.

And if I got that part right about you, then I know something else. You will spend the space in time between the day you were born and the day you will die – your life – on a journey: a quest for Happiness.

And that’s okay. But here I have a question for you. How will you find what doesn’t exist?

You create it.

But every creation has a blueprint, and every dish a recipe. If there was a path to Happiness, it would be mapped out time and again – wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it then be the path most travelled by?

But the truth is, there is a path. A few lucky people have travelled it and found there their peace.

But I won’t tell you how they got there. I will, however, tell you why.

Everything – every little thing – has a meaning; a purpose. A sole cause that defines, and thus justifies, its very existence.

But Happiness? Define it.

To one, it may mean family. To another, it may mean religion. And yet, to the next person, it may just mean food. Or sleep. Or money. Or love. Or music. Or fame. Or a cure. Or guidance. Or freedom.

The list goes on.

But I take back now what I said before. Happiness. It does exist. You were born with it. It exists beyond a space within you. That space – a gaping hole – is a longing. A glimmer of hope. A desperate need for Inner Peace.

We need to span that empty space to get to Happiness.

I guarantee you, I will try help you fill that space. I can’t guarantee success, but we’ll try.


Don’t tell me “I’m too busy”. If someone who means everything to you called on you for help, you’d go. Here’s you calling yourself for help. What could be more important?

There’s always time for what you make time for. Believe in that. Believe in you.

You deserve Happiness.

21 thoughts on “You deserve Happiness”

  1. I agree with your opinion 🙂 Everyone deserves happiness.
    Well you have a beautiful blog right here. I love the theme and the header picture. it feels good to be here 🙂

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  2. This is such a lovely post, I’m sharing with my friends and family! It’s amazing to see in my life who has time and who doesn’t for the things they ‘priorotise’ in life. We should be honest to ourselves and live the one life we have been blessed with to the fullest!

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  3. Happiness is a slippery idea. To the Buddha, happiness is an escape from longing. To the early Christians, it is saving up for the next life. To the pagan Romans or Greeks, it’s that stuff you worry about after you’ve achieved glory. The idea it’s the central pursuit of life, as far as I can tell, is relatively new.

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    • It doesn’t necessarily have to be new, really. If you asked someone what their lifelong pursuit is, their reply would probably define an achievement which will bring them happiness, be it escape from longing, saving for the afterlife, or glory. The reason for the pursuit is still the same, though; it brings them happiness. It’s just that no one really says “I live to be happy” because happiness is an abstract concept that can’t really be “measured” in that way 🙂


  4. This is quite powerful, in a simple way, and I like it. It makes me think of this line from Friedrich Nietsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra: “Companions, the creator seeks, not corpses, not herds and believers. Fellow creators, the creator seeks—those who write new values on new tablets. Companions, the creator seeks, and fellow harvesters; for everything about him is ripe for the harvest. But he lacks a hundred sickles: so he plucks ears and is annoyed. Companions, the creator seeks, and such as know how to whet their sickles.”

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  5. Happiness is what we make it to be. Sometimes the simplest things bring the greatest happiness.

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  6. It’s a truly beautiful post, Jithin shared it with me so thanks to him and to you for writing it because at this point I really needed to read something like that. Lots of love,
    Zee ❤

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  7. I keep reading this over and over again. And after reading it over and over again, I read it over and over again once more.


  8. I like this post–happiness is something that can be difficult to find but everyone certainly deserves it!
    Also, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award back over on my blog! 🙂

    Have a lovely day!

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